Sergey Elgazin - Fantasy Songs -
Sergey Elgazin - Fantasy Songs -

   Sergei "GAZ" Elgazin. Artist. Musician.

   Sergei graduated university in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, with a degree of TV director. He used to be TV presenter, musician, film director. Recorded over 10 published albums in indie-rock style. Member of Russian Authors union (RAO). In early 2000`s Elgazin has an exhibitions as a photo artist. Member of international union of journalists as a photo-artist since 2004. Lately he used to do street art and won in street-art competition in Saint-Petersburg in 2011. Working in Finland and Russia as an artist in pencil and oil/canvas style, doing audiovisual performances. His works are in private collections, galleries, one work in stuff area in Hermitage museum. Widely reported in media. group        INSTAGRAM        Youtube channel        E-mail:


      Дорога домой.mp3  (аранж: А.Жунев)
      Baby come on.mp3  (аранж: К.Елгазин)
      Вопрос.mp3  (песня: В.Цой, аранж: Dj Bob Lo)
      Спасайте свои души.mp3  (аранж: К.Елгазин)
      Зеркала.mp3  (аранж: А.Жунев)
      О горе.mp3  (аранж: Dj Bob Lo)
      Телом.mp3  (с группой Johnny Depp)
      Звезда Камчатки.mp3  
      Авось Кифраз.mp3  (acoustic)
      Ари.mp3  (acoustic)

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